I hope your liking the new website. What a busy and stressful couple of days it’s just been! I don’t think I’ve ever sworn on-line on a blog post or similar but my goodness this is closest I have ever been to doing so (I’m not going to though).

So basically, this site shouldn’t have been live for another couple of weeks. In anticipation, I asked my (now) old hosting company, hostpapa, to release all4landlords website name and cease the hosting. Once I had the name in my control, that was going to point here and then slowly transfer into the new name landlordsguild.com.

However, yesterday (after waiting since 9th January) they randomly decided to cease the hosting and then after that unlock the website name. Well, there is absolutely no point in ceasing the hosting before unlocking the domain name because once the hosting stops its impossible to get into the site to download all the backups and files that might be needed for the new site. Also, it can take up to 7 days from unlocking to when it’s able to be moved.

A good hosting company (NOT hostpapa) would release the name, then stop the hosting to that name a few days later. I wouldn’t mind but I’d paid in advance too!

I think sometimes you can have a rant and a rave with a company’s customer support and feel guilty later if you thought you might have been a bit harsh. I’m afraid I have to admit that I swore a lot and threw the phone in the end because he was just blatant lying to me. Looking back I feel no guilt or remorse because he was bang out of order!

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do now. People accessing all4landlords are just going to get the blank page until I get control of the domain. The number of customers this will loose is just too depressing to mention.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know the story behind the sudden rush and change in name and once again, I hope you like the website. There’s lots of bits to do yet and if you have any thoughts or ideas, please email me: info(at)landlordsguild.com.