We reported a short while ago that for Wales and a small part of England, it is a requirement from 1 January 2015 that landlords notify the water authority servicing their property of certain details concerning their tenants (or any occupier) within 21 days of the tenant taking a tenancy. A failure to do so results in the landlord being jointly and severally liable for any water charges in relation to the property until the duty is complied with.

The duty also applies to existing tenants and under the legislation these must be notified by 21 January 2015.

It is being reported today that Welsh Water will be giving a 3 month grace period and will not take any enforcement action until 31 March.

This gives landlords whose property is serviced by Welsh Water a little extra time to notify all existing properties without penalty and is welcome news. For full details on how to register the information, see our detailed article. This grace period does not apply to other providers and they should be consulted independently to see if they are offering a similar grace period.