Giles Insurance Brokers winter weather tips – avoid damage this winter

With the weather showing little sign of improving and the inevitable thawing that will follow, the risk of damage, injury & financial loss is more likely at times like these.

In order to help reduce this risk, we have compiled a number of ‘Winter Weather Tips’ that you may find useful.



  • Keep track of weather forecasts – via useful websites such as

  • Check travel reports before setting out

  • Familiarise yourself with your insurance policies and have contact information easily accessible


In extreme conditions like those currently being experienced, heavy snowfall can impose significant loads on roof structures, causing subsequent damage. The freezing conditions can also often lead to flooding either from burst pipes or melting snow combined with fresh rain fall overwhelming the drainage systems. In addition to direct damage to property, accidents and slipping incidents are also more likely during periods of cold weather. Some simple precautionary action can however help limit these risks:

  • Periodically inspect roofs & flashing
  • Check vents, skylights & signs to ensure that they are secure

  • Ensure you know the location of stop cocks & hydrants on your premises

  • Check that windows, doors & their frames are securely fixed to the building

  • Inspect any trees that are in close proximity to your building

  • Inspect all buildings after extreme weather events

  • Plan for safe methods of snow removal.

  • Check all heating units for reliable operation

  • Ensure temperature sensitive materials are adequately stored and insulated

  • Store all stock off of the floor to prevent damage by flooding

  • Clean roof gutters, down pipes and drainage gullies from snow &/or debris

  • Service heating systems regularly & check thermostats & frost-stats

  • Leave heating at a constant temperature to help prevent freezing pipes

  • Drain water pipes in areas likely to freeze &/or apply lagging

  • Drain off water and heating systems if the property is to be left unoccupied

  • Ensure all thoroughfares are kept clear of ice/snow & an adequate supply of salt/grit

  • Please exercise caution when undertaking inspections of elevated areas, particularly when there is ice and snow on the ground. Where appropriate, seek professional assistance.

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