Subscription Terms and Conditions

These terms only apply to consumers.

These terms and information are to be read together with our website terms and privacy policy

Information relating to distance and off-premises contracts

(a) Landlords or letting agents subscribing to the Guild of Residential Landlords receive many benefits and include (but are not limited to):

  • Help-line at basic telephone call rates during regular office hours (9 am – 5 pm weekdays excluding usual holidays and periods of personal holiday on rare occasions)
  • Instant download of over 100 forms
  • Instant access to secured parts of the website not visible to public guests
  • Guidance ranging from possession notices to landlord duties
  • Instant access to many discounts such as discounted deposit protection and landlord's buildings insurance
  • Regular email updates on new legislation and court cases
  • Instant access to other services such as credit checking.

(b) Our trading name is – Guild of Residential Landlords Ltd.

(c) Our contact details are – Address: Suite 3, 13 Station Parade, Harrogate, HG1 1UF. Please see our contact page for telephone and email contact information.

(d) We do not act on behalf of any other trader.

(f) Our charges are as displayed from time to time on the signup page.

(g) As our services are primarily online, there are no delivery charges for the above-mentioned services. Our stationery is included in the subscription price (so free) to download.

(h) Where an annual payment is chosen, that amount will be payable annually. If a payment is received late, the payment will be backdated to the last renewal date, except if the final payment was made more than a year previously, which will start from that payment date. If the monthly or quarterly option is chosen, the amount will be payable every calendar month or quarter at the price until cancelled.

(j) You will have instant access to the services described above.

(k) A complaint can be made by sending an email to

(l) Because our service offers instant access to the services, by ordering and subscribing, you are giving us an express request to obtain the benefits immediately. As a result, there is no right to cancel the contract for the payment made.

(m) Although we don’t usually provide physical goods, if we do so and any contract can be cancelled, you must return the goods at your own expense before the contract can be withdrawn. You may be liable for our reasonable costs.

(n) Often, when a contract is concluded at a distance, there is a right to cancel within 14 days (see The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013). However, as you are giving us an express request to access the services immediately upon payment, you will lose this right to cancel because you can access the services immediately upon payment. If you wish to retain your right to cancel, you need to contact us using the details above, and we can set you up manually. Still, please be aware under regulation 36(1) of The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, “The trader must not begin the supply of a service before the end of the cancellation period provided for in regulation 30(1) …” As a result, you will not be able to access any of our services for at least 14 days (but you will be able to cancel within that time).

(q) We have ongoing after-sales services available via our website or the contact details above.

(s) The contract duration is as per the product chosen, ranging from annual to quarterly to monthly. All recurring contracts can be cancelled anytime without notice before the next payment is due. This can be quickly done from the payment page. Each amount taken is an express request to access the services immediately, so there is no right to cancel upon each charge.

(t) The minimum duration is shown on each product (for example, one year).

(v) All our downloadable documents are in PDF format for which a free reader is available here or in Rich Text Format (RTF) or Word (word), which should be compatible with all word processors (including Microsoft Word).

(w) The saving of PDF files usually requires special software, so although you can complete most of our forms on screen, you will not be able to save those completed forms on a Windows-operated machine without special software. If you use Apple Macintosh with the latest operating system, the ability to save completed PDF forms is built so you can keep them on disk.