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Changing Letting Agent

Hi, Our current tenant has given us two month’s notice he will be leaving at the end of his tenancy. We have been ...

Sub tenancy issue

Head tenant has left by way of Sebring notice upon landlord and paid all the rent. Head ll enters the property to ...

Landlord is a registered Charity

We have a landlord that is a registered Charity and although it  houses local people at slightly reduced rents and 

Right to rent?

What do I need from my tenant for a right to rent? Is a picture of their ID Polish Identity card enough ?

Joint tenants. One tenant gives notice the other tenant refusing to leave.

Am I right in thinking that if one tenant leaves after giving more than 4 weeks written notice and at the end of a ...

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Section 21 and 8 Notice Wizard

Section 21 and 8 Notice Wizard

Use our possession notice wizard to determine which notice is most appropriate for the circumstances and check a section 21 or 8 notice can be served.

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