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Section 21 Notice

On point 4. Does the Landlords name and address have to go here, regardless or not if an agent serves the notice?

Prohibition order

Landlord served with prohibition order under s20 and it’s says that the operative date being 5th Feb 2021 and the ...

Tenancy Surrendered

We have a tenancy that was due to end in February, the tenants have moved out and handed in their keys early as ...

EU Tenants

Will there be an obligation to a landlord to check the status of existing EU tenants after 1 June 2021? If the ...

Covid -19 clause

What would appropriate wording be for a tenancy agreement and/or pre tenancy letters that allowed for a tenancy not

One tenant wants to leave

We have a tenancy that is periodic and one tenant wants to vacate, the other tenant have advised they want to stay ...

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