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Additional clauses to be added to HMO tenancy agreements

Hello I would like to add the following 3 clauses to tenancy agreements for HMOs.  Please can you let me know if

Two person company landlord

I have a company which owns a residential property.  There are 2 shareholders and directors.  Is it ok to use the ...

Tenants leaving early and wanting to give back keys – refund required?

I have tenants whose 1 year fixed term ends on 18 th October.  Due to a dispute between the couple they are both ...

Break Clause

I have a 12 month AST from 21st June 2020 with a 6 month break clause but excluding vacation in December and ...

How long does a s21 court order last ?

Have a 3 year old possession order under s21, I’ve heard that of the tennat has been laying rent that it can’t be ...

Not sure if the system is getting the messages below ?

Yes. The new tenancy with a new landlord triggers deposit protection. It’s not needed with a normal renewal ...