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Evidence for section 8 ground 14

When serving a section 8 notice with ground 14, do I need to include EVIDENCE to the tenant of the anti-social ...

Can my student tenants sub-let to friend as a lodger, who can’t provide guarantor?

Hi Adrian, I have a group of 3 student prospective tenants who have put a holding deposit down on one of my ...

Dates for serving notices

Hello I am planning to serve both a section 21 and section 8 notice. Do I put the date the notice is served as ...

Tenants internal dispute.

Student tenant in three bed AST wants to leave. He has found a replacement. Normally I would do a brand new tenancy

Section 22 of Guild tenancy agreement –

Hi Adrian,   I'm using your AST and I've been pulled up on: 22. For the full landlord repairing terms

advertising a property

Hi guildy, I want to advertise a property and in the past have used Upad but when I went to use them late last year