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Changing terms of the tenancy

Hi Guildy, We have a long term tenant which, for historical reasons, pays rent inclusive of electric, gas, water

Hmo licence Wales

2 storey property converted to 4 self contained units 1995 with communal hall and stairs do I need a licence?

Delaying eviction

Hi, We have contacted the bailiffs and they have confirmed that a warrant for possession has now been issued ...

Notice periods in Wales

Are they the same as in England? mid was to serve a s8 on ground 8 and 14 when can proceedings commence ?is it ...

Joint tenancy – one tenant has moved out

Hi, Tenancy is a joint tenancy (a couple with two children) and the one tenant has moved out after a breaking up

Tenant internal dispute.

Ongoing issue between three tenants that don't get on with each other. Tenancy ends last day of June. No rent ...