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After the Court Order – and Eviction

You are in Ending a Tenancy
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N325 Request for Warrant of Possession of Land

After a court order has been obtained by a landlord and if the tenant still remains in the property after the date ...
Application For Leave To Transfer For High Court Enforcement Officer

Application For Leave To Transfer For High Court Enforcement Officer

Product code - LT501 When obtaining possession (and  a money judgment) through the courts, sometimes ...

Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

Redetermination Hearing

Tenant left a property putting keys through our door in 2015 and ever since we have been chasing for the debt.  Numerous repayment plans were agreed with ex-tenant but she didn't keep to any.  ...

Eviction with Bailiffs

Hi, I have obtained the order of possession notice and have also obtained an issue of warrant. My tenant will not leave unless bailiffs evict her so that she can get help from the council for ...


hi ive just been given possession of property by judge within 14 days. can i book bailiffs now or do i have to wait for conformation from courts? thanks very much

Bailiffs taking too long

I was granted possession of a flat through the court with the final day being 18 April 2017. Tenant did not leave so I instructed Bailiffs the following day. The court has issued the warrant ...


Hi We have been approached on behalf of an evicted tenant in respect of possibly entering into an IVA this is something new to us and we are not sure how this works and whether it would be ...

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