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Applying to Court for Possession — Accelerated Procedure

You are in Ending a Tenancy
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Break Clause

What is a break clause? Sometimes a fixed term tenancy agreement can contain a clause which brings the fixed term ...

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Accelerated Possession PD55C Notice (Coronavirus Provisions)

Accelerated Possession PD55C Notice (Coronavirus Provisions)

For any accelerated possession claim made from 3 August 2020, a notice must be filed with the claim form as part of
Accelerated Possession Claim N5B

Accelerated Possession Claim N5B

The accelerated possession procedure is the form to use where you have served a section 21 notice, want to only ...
Intention to Act Upon Section 21 Notice Previously Served

Intention to Act Upon Section 21 Notice Previously Served

Product Code: LT044 When a section 21 notice has been served lasts forever as long ast it hasn't been withdrawn ...

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Section 21 in name of previous owner

We have a property where the previous agent served a S21 on a tenant but the property was then sold on but the agent didn't officially (in writing) inform the tenant of the new owners name and ...

Proceedure following section nitice expiry

hi Adrian I served a section 8 notice on one of my HMO tenants who was over 2 months behind with his rent on 6-6-17 using your wizard. the notice is now expired and I need to move to take ...

Accelerated Possession Order

I have served an accelerated possession order on my tenant asking her to pay for the court charges. On her Defence form (N118) she has refused to pay the court costs claiming that she's a ...

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