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Duties on the Manager of an HMO

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Overcrowding & Room Sizes

Licensable HMOs (England) Where an HMO requires a licence, there are minimum room sizes in England from 1 October ...

Lacors Fire Safety Guidance

For shared accommodation or converted blocks of flats, see the useful LACORS guidance on fire safety in let ...

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Blank Fire Risk Assessment Form

Blank Fire Risk Assessment Form

The Lacors Fire Safety Guidance provides a suggested fire risk assessment form. This template is based on that form

Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

NTQ and licensees

Am i right that if there is shared house situation that they are licencees if they haven't been issued an AST? they share common parts etc... plus if it is an NTQ but there are significant rent ...

HMOs and gas safety certificate

HMO with 4 people thus a license is not required correct? If that’s the case then, does the gas cert need to be given to each individual tenant or can it be pinned up on the wall is it presently ...

Is a couple plus a friend sharing a property an HMO?

I always thought 2 households could occupy one property but reading the latest information, it look as though I could be wrong. It seems that 2 individuals can share a flat but a couple plus 1 ...

Is a house in self contained flats an HMO?

11/05/2020 4:16 pm I’ve been served a Hazard notice for a house divided into 3 self contained flats. It quotes Licensing and Management of HMOs Regs 2007. They want a sign with ...

How to split bills

Hi, I have a HMO with 5 tenants. On was away for a few months and she doesn’t want to pay any bills for this period. I normally split the gas and electric 5 ways between them. 3 have agreed to ...

Who Is Liable for the Council Tax?

6 students on same AST Agreement. One of them is no longer a student. The Council sent us the resulting Council Tax bill, notwithstanding the fact that we sent them a copy of the Agreement and ...

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