England Landlord Guidance

Duty to Provide Name and Address of Landlord

You are in Start of a Tenancy
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Change of Property Ownership

Change of Property Ownership

Sometimes property ownership or landlords change during a tenancy. This might be as a result of a change in ...


Notice to Tenant After Purchase of Property and Assignment of Tenancy

Notice to Tenant After Purchase of Property and Assignment of Tenancy

Product Code: F105 After purchasing a property, the landlord must inform the tenant of their name and address. ...
Section 48 Notice Landlord Name and Address

Section 48 Notice Landlord Name and Address

Product Code: F013 If you have recently purchased a property and the tenancy has therefore been assigned to you,

Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

One of joint landlords dies

If one of the joint landlords dies does anything have to be done in regards to the current tenancy such as serving a s48 notice on the tenant? Or is it ok to leave as is until the estate is settled?

Landlord to supply name and address

Hi Adrian I believe you reported not so long ago on a recent tribunal/court hearing that ruled a Freeholder must give his actual address and not agents when requested by a leaseholder in writing.

landlord address and section 8/21

Just trying to get everything right before I issue a section 8 and section 21. I live in france so always use my parents UK address as my correspondance address for the AST's on my house. I ...

Address of Landlord on s21

Does the address have to be in England, or can it be in Australia, which is the case... if has to be in UK can it a c/o address in the UK (more…)

Landlord requirements when purchasing a tenanted house

Hello there. I am in the process of purchasing my first BTL property. The property is a 3 bedroom terraced house in Leeds currently tenanted by 3 students. They will be moving out on June 30th ...

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