England Landlord Guidance

Duty to Provide Name and Address of Landlord

You are in Start of a Tenancy
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Change of Property Ownership

Change of Property Ownership

Sometimes property ownership or landlords change during a tenancy. This might be as a result of a change in ...


Notice to Tenant After Purchase of Property and Assignment of Tenancy

Notice to Tenant After Purchase of Property and Assignment of Tenancy

Product Code: F105 After purchasing a property, the landlord must inform the tenant of their name and address. ...
Section 48 Notice Landlord Name and Address

Section 48 Notice Landlord Name and Address

Product Code: F013 If you have recently purchased a property and the tenancy has therefore been assigned to you,

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Is my Tenancy Agreement legal?

I used an Estate Agent to draw up a tenancy agreement and find tenants. When the Agreement was drawn up, they put my address (the Landlord) as c/o the Estate Agents. They did not manage the ...

Sale of Property – Notice to Tenant

I have sold a property with a tenant in place. Do I need to serve any notice or inform the tenant? Also do I unprotect the deposit on completion and then it is up to the new owner to re-protect

Rent increase and change of landlord

Rent increase Notice was served under name of previous LL in October, since then there is a new LL, would this now need reserving using the New LL? Name?

Section 3 notice

A s3 notice was served for change of landlord, can you tell me a little about this? Will a section 48 need to also be served for possession. ? It’s alao doesn’t mention something about s48 on the

Landlords are joint owners

What is the situation when landlords own the property jointly and one dies. Does the tenancy have to be reworded?

What notice to give when selling a house

Hi, I rented my house whilst building another next door. The tenants (previous neighbours who we were friendly with) were aware of the building plans and rented at a below market rent. This was ...

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