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Licensing of Private Rented Properties

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Overcrowding & Room Sizes

Licensable HMOs (England) Where an HMO requires a licence, there are minimum room sizes in England from 1 October ...

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didnt have selective license

s21 claim gone to a hearing as didnt have the selective ;license in place at the time, is this now going to be struck out?

Licensing period and charge

My property (one bed flat in a HA block let to a couple) has been involved in a selective licensing scheme. Despite arguments with council that KPIs will not fit (HA block is exempt) they have ...

HMO criteria for Selective Licensing?

Does Selective Licensing apply for the following: Sole occupancy of one house and all flats in one building having their own private entrance and owner/occupancy being 50/50? (more…)

Dangers of not getting a landlord licence?

04/03/2020 5:34 pm Tenants have just moved into my house in Liverpool. The Liverpool landlord licencing scheme finishes at the end of this month. I instructed the agency managing it to ...


HI, As an owner of a number of residential properties I have received several messages from local authorities advising that it has a borough wide HMO licensing scheme and my properties must be ...

section 8 and licensing

i know you cant serve s21 without a license, what is the position re s8? (more…)

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