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Nuisance and Anti-social Behaviour

You are in During the Tenancy
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I Was Here First!

ZAMMIT MAEMPEL v. MALTA - 24202/10 [2011] ECHR 1964 Article 8 of the Convention of Human Rights protects the ...

Police Broken Door

A perhaps surprisingly common question we get is what is the position where the police break down a tenants door? ...


Anti Social Behaviour – Noise Complaint – Letter 1

Anti Social Behaviour – Noise Complaint – Letter 1

Product Code: LT070 Often complaints about anti soical behaviour are received about tenants. In most cases the ...

Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

Anti Social Behaviour from neighbouring tenants

I have tenants in a flat on a GRL AST which only started on 4th August. There are only 2 people named on the AST but it has come to myself and the landlord's attention that soon after ...

Property damage

Recent inspections have shown damage by the tenant: (more…)

ASB Section 8 and lodger agreement

Tenant is a lodger and was arrested for assault on LL, she is s lodger and as always advised its best to get a court order, section 8 is for protected tenants correct? so what type of notice ...

Problem tenant – abuse and threats

Hi I have a problem tenant, and I would like some advice on the best and most effective method to remove him from the property He has an assured shorthold tenancy (as issued by the guild) with ...

House Rules post tenancy

Is it legal for me to impose by letter a rule that the tenants from three units cannot play their own music in the communal ground outside their properties as it is causing a problem. Thanks

compensation for damage

My two tenants have left, leaving their keys. One gave me an email a few weeks before he left, stating the date he is leaving, and the time of 23.59. Although he was only renting a room, not a ...

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