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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Test Certificate

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Test Certificate

Product code: F032 - for updates see tab For any tenancy granted in England from 1 October 2015, all equipped ...

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Smoke Alarm

I've just realized that there's only one smoke alarm in my 2 storey house. Tenant not giving access. (more…)

carbon monoxide alarm

hello, our gas enginer has just told us all our propertys need carbon monoxide alarms now, previously you said only propeties with log or coal fires needed them, he quoting his gas site rules, ...

Use of open fire

I am receiving conflicting advice about use of an open fireplace. (more…)

carbon monoxide

what is the legal requirement for CO monitoring?

log burners and fire risk

Hi one of my landlords has a log burner in the house, which the tenant wishes to use, would I need to do a fire risk assessment. (more…)

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