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Succession Rights and Rights of Survivorship

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Death of a tenant

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Fixed term tenancies The general law applies. Where joint tenants hold a fixed term, ...
Death of a Landlord

Death of a Landlord

The tenant’s status remains unaffected by the death of their landlord (more…)

Succession on death of tenant

Tenants who have protection under the Rent Act 1977 are very well protected and there are extremely rare occasions ...

Death of a guarantor

Basch v Stekel L. & T.R. 1 Abstract:  B and S entered into a commercial lease whereby premises were let to ...

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Selling a property

Hello, A few years ago (when renting a property and being faced with a notice to terminate the tenancy agreement yet again before the 3 year mark), I was told by the estate agency that it's ...

Tenant death

We have a tenant who has recently deceased who lived on his own. He has a next of kin who seems to be dealing with his affairs. (more…)

assured tenancy and rent arrears

tenant is elderly and been in care with dementia for last 3 years, tenancy is assured form 1983 her son (not on agreement) has lived there last 3 years and had oral agreement to pay the rent to ...

Tenancy rights when not named in the tenancy agreement

My client lives in a rented property. The tenancy is in her husband's name and she lived there with him. The relationship broke down and the husband has now left but my client has remained in ...

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