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Tenant Moves Out

You are in Ending a Tenancy
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Goods Left at Property

The majority of cases where goods have been left at the property by a tenant are when the tenancy has been ...

Checklist of What to Do at the End of the Tenancy

When the tenancy has ended, the following should be considered: The notice to quit from tenant Ensure the notice to quit provided by the tenant is valid. As a quick guide, the notice may not expire during the fixed term and their notice must be at least 4 weeks in length (one calendar month where the rent is monthly) and expire either the day before the rent is due or on the day the rent is due. No other date is acceptable.

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Notice of Surrender

Introduction Where a tenant wishes to leave during a fixed term, or simply vacates without notice, this is an ...


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Notice to Impose Obligation to Collect Goods

Notice to Impose Obligation to Collect Goods

Product Code: F076 If a tenancy has been ended one way or another (abandonment, surrender or notice), sometimes ...
Notice of Intention to Sell Goods

Notice of Intention to Sell Goods

Product Code: F077 If a tenancy has been ended one way or another (abandonment, surrender or notice), sometimes ...

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Permitted to stay

My tenant has just given me notice that he wants to end the tenancy so has given me 4 weeks notice. He has already left the property as he has split up with his girlfriend that also lives at the ...

Tenancy Surrendered

We have a tenancy that was due to end in February, the tenants have moved out and handed in their keys early as they were moving out of the area. We have completed out property inspection and ...

Tenant leaves early following a section 21

I served a section 21 giving 3 months notice in August on behalf of a landlord. The tenants have handed the keys in a month early, am I correct in thinking they can leave without being liaible ...

Tenants notice to vacate

I was always of the understanding that a tenant could just hand the keys back on the last day of the fixed term stated in the tenancy without notice. (more…)

Renew Contract Agreements

A tenant has rented from us for the past 6 years, unfortunately his wife left him sometime ago, (more…)

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