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What to Do if the Tenancy Is to Continue

You are in Ending a Tenancy
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What Happens at the End of a Fixed Term – To Renew or Not To Renew

Fixed term tenancy In most cases a tenancy will have been granted by a landlord to a tenant for some fixed term. Sometimes this is known as a term certain or initial period but the Housing Act 1988 refers to it as being a fixed term tenancy. It used to be the case under section 20 Housing Act 1988 that the fixed term had to be for a minimum period of 6 months and a special prescribed notice be given before any tenancy was granted but this rule was removed for all tenancies granted on or after 28 February 1997. [1] Since 1997, a fixed term can be granted for any period a landlord and tenant wishes to agree and sometimes we recommend a 3 month fixed term. In fact, no fixed term needs to be provided whatsoever and a periodic tenancy could be granted from the outset.

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Is there any legal way to extend an AST without it lapsing into a periodic tenancy? What alternative ways are there of allowing a tenant to stay on for a few days without renewing the AST?

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