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When and if the Tenant Can Leave During the Tenancy

You are in During the Tenancy
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Break Clause

What is a break clause? Sometimes a fixed term tenancy agreement can contain a clause which brings the fixed term ...

Is notice from tenant valid?

Just like a landlord when serving any notice must get the form correct and ensure all the dates are correct, so ...


Surrender of Tenancy Deed

Surrender of Tenancy Deed

Product code F080 This notice is rarely used and  the notice to quit from tenant is normally more ...
Not Accept Invalid Notice to Quit Because Expires During Fixed Term

Not Accept Invalid Notice to Quit Because Expires During Fixed Term

Product Code: LT040 Sometimes a tenant gives a notice to quit which is invalid for some reason. This template ...

Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

What Constitutes Vacant Possession?

A landlord has served a Section 21 Notice on his tenants who have an assured shorthold tenancy at Property 1 requesting vacant possession of Property 1 by 8 August 2018. (more…)

Altering Tenancy Agreement

I have a property let under and assured shorthold tenancy to a couple as joint tenants. They have now split up and one has moved out with the other remaining in the house and wanting to take on ...

Relationship split and expired EPC

A Couple moved into a property with a joint AST (March 2022) and the EPC was in date.  Couple have now split (it seems it only lasted a few days) so  I was going to re-issue a new tenancy in ...

Change of Occupancy

We have 3 tenants (England) on a guilds AST. Tenancy is still in the fixed term. 1 of the 3 tenants wishes to leave. 2 wish to remain. He is fine with this in principle - however would like ...

Renewing AST

I have used your AST for a tenancy, one year ago. The tenant has requested another contract. I usually allow tenants to roll onto periodic, but they would feel more comfortable with another ...

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