Notice to Local Authority Tenant 8 Weeks in Arrears


England and Wales



Product Code: F037 – for changes see below

When a tenant is claiming housing benefit and if they become 8 weeks in arrears, the landlord is entitled as a right to have payment made direct. However, in order for payment to be made direct under regulation 95 Housing Benefit Regulations 2006, the landlord must notify the local authority that the tenant is in 8 weeks arrears or more. This document is a specially designed notice for notifying the local authority and should be accompanied by the evidence as specified on the notice.

If the tenant is not quite 8 weeks in arrears, there is still a discretion to pay direct under regulation 96. In which case, use form number F086.

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### Current version 03/14

03/14 – Modified to allow the form to be used where occupier is not tenant (e.g. after a notice to quit from tenant has expired).