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Altering Tenancy Agreement

I have a property let under and assured shorthold tenancy to a couple as joint tenants. They have now split up and ...

Notice of issue/House for sale

Ive just received the issue notice for the accelerated possession procedure. My house is on the market and tenants ...

Restoring a money claim

The money side was adjouned as per below but possession successful, how does one go about restoring a money claim? ...

Removal of Grounds

Is it possible for a tenant to request specific possession grounds to be removed from the AST if the landlord ...

Death of a tenant

Good Afternoon We had a long term tenant who went into hospital after Christmas and then from there was put into a ...

notice to quit

How do you serve a notice to Quit for a Licencee occupying your property under Section 188 of the housing Act 1996.

Which notice?

My client is the court appointed deputy of her father who has lost capacity and is in a care home. The father owns ...

inspection letter

Your letter template states that LL can use the key to enter if they are not there, can you do this and actually enter?

mouldy walls

hi, my tenants of 10 months didnt inform me about mould in the flat. i came to know of it from my letting agent who

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