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evicting sub-tenants

Just to clarify the position in terms of possession where there is are sub-tenants Mesne tenancy has not been ...

non payment of rent

we have a tenant who paid 20th april when moving in ,they haven't paid anything for may or june ,now owing 880 they

gas safety cert and s21

A judge has requested a hearing and on the order it states that it is unclear if the tenant was given a gas cert ...

Notice period

Hi I have a question regarding my tenants notice period and the date up to which I am entitled to charge rent. My ...

Penalties for non protection

There have been 3 fixed term tenancies between same LL and tenants at same property Can the tenant claim the up to

company let or ast

agreement purports to be an AST though the tenant is in the name of a company and not an individual, does this mean

Non domestic epc

Shop at bottom and flat above, whole building has EPC abut states non domestic, will that cover the flat above for ...

Accelerated possession

Good afternoon, I have worked in the lettings industry for 30 years and dealt with hundreds of evictions on behalf ...

Agents fees

Can an agent charge reference £85 and agent fees of £200 and if refs fail state that it’s no refundable?

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