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Agents fees

Can an agent charge reference £85 and agent fees of £200 and if refs fail state that it’s no refundable?

Contracted Tenancy Agreement

We have a prospective tenant who wishes to rent one of our properties for approx 1-2 years, however he has asked ...

married name on tenancy

I know that the tenants moving into my property are getting married a month later. The female is given as the lead

Deposit in dispute

Rather a strange situation Tenant took to court for money order for some 20k of arrears. Claim was successful. ...

Rent Arrears caclulation

Hi, Thanks for your advice earlier. I am using the Wizard on the website to serve Section 8 notice to my tenants.


We have a tenant who has a 6 month tenancy agreement with us and this expires in October 2018, however she has ...

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