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procedure for non-AST

The agreement is a non-AST. The set up is that there is a large house with 6 self contained flats, the LL lives in ...

rent increase

How much notice do I have to give for a rent increase .does it have to be in a particular format.

do HMO need EPC

Do HMOs require EPCs? I believe they do, but there is no need to show them to tenants. (more…)

deposit by recognised body

After having been let down by the DPS I stopped taking deposits and only take tenants with guarantors on your ...

Trespasser and cohabitee

Couple, one sole legal owner and the other with no beneficial interest etc... reading shelters website it states ...

Returning the deposit.

First AST agreement was signed four and half years ago when tenants moved in. I did not protect deposit. Last AST ...

Main residence

Prospective tenant has worked and lived in our city with his wife for many years. Wife will move to a different ...

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