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Hi Are the government looking at extending the time frame to get an EICR for tenanted properties done past 1 April 2021?

NTQ and landlords name

On an NTQ do you have to put both the conpnay name and the landlords name or is  the compny name suffice?

Company let for HMO room

We have a care company interested in renting a room from us for one of their employees (just one to start with, but

Ground 7a and 14

If these are mixed on a NSP, would LL have to wait the month for ground 7a or can start proceedings on 14 ...

Death of landlord

Landlord died last august and a s21 abs a8 were issued in their name after the death, can thee she relied upon? Or ...

12 Month EICR

We have a electrician who is providing EIRC's but on some reports only granting them 1 year not 5 years as he feels

no smoking

Is is possible to include a no smoking clause into our tenancy agreement?   thanks

Company let situation

head LL has a Company let agreement in the usual way but the compnay who has an ast with sub tenants has put the ...

Insurance qualifying questions

I am exploring property insurance (both homeowners and landlords for lodgers & tenants respectively) and am ...

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