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Damage to kitchen worktop

Hi My tenant has damaged a fairly new kitchen worktop. It looks like somebody has been cutting on the surface with

Typo on a notce

The notice is not s21 or 8 but one months reasonable notce ( we discussed this in a previous tread) 4 occupiers ...

Property inspections

Can you clarify the rules on inspecting a property please? If, as a landlord, we give notice (24Hrs?) to inspect a

Environmental health

Dear Guild I have a DSS tenant who is £2780 in rent arrears. Last weekend the boiler in my property broke down. It ...

Pitfalls of a company let?

We have some applicants who have applied for a tenancy but the references are not good e.g. Unable to provide proof

joint landlords dispute

first TA in both names of LLs, one LL does not want to enter into a new one with the tenants but the other has ...

Vacation of property

Hi guildy, tenants have vacated property without leaving a forwarding address. Is there a way of finding out their ...

Locked in property

Front door to our let property has a Yale lock as well as a further lock and tenants are supplied with two front ...

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