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didnt have selective license

s21 claim gone to a hearing as didnt have the selective ;license in place at the time, is this now going to be ...

section 21 notice

hi, i have recently issued a section 21 notice to a tenant but on the notice i have enetered the wrong flat number,

Wasps Nest

We have a tenant who says she has a wasps nest in her apartment (top floor of a converted house so there is a loft ...

Forms to Supply

What forms must I supply legally to the tenant on commencement of tenancy? (more…)

contract extension

How do I extend the contract for another 12 months easily. nothing has changed for either party so just another 12 ...

Section 8

Does the tenant need to be in FULL 2 months of arrears before I can serve the notice ? (more…)

Council claiming rent arrears

Tenant has left property, council have emailed me asking for rent overpayment for 2015, I was paid direct and this ...

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