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Gas check

Tenant buys a gas oven. Who is responsible for getting it installed and is landlord responsible to do yearly check ...

Fire damage

Hi One of our tenants had a chip pan fire over the weekend compounding the damage by putting it in a sink full of ...

dates of service and c215 form

after a problem i had recently i thought i would ask what dates i should be putting on the 215 Notice served Thurs

Right to rent late check

Hi My letting agent didn't see original ID Passport prior to 'executing' the Tenancy agreement (putting date on ...

S.21 notice and tenants

I served a S.21 notice on my tenant on 03/04/2017 with the stated last day being 08/06/2017. (more…)

no objection letter re a visa

Hi I have currently 2 tenants of Indian nationality residing in one of our properties. She has phoned today asking ...

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