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assured tenancy

Tenancy was taken out 5th April 1995, does this mean only section 8 can be used? plus i recall that if the ...

increasing rent

Tenant on month to month rental. I wish to increase the rent. I Have never increased rent before, Advice please and

Sub Letting / Visiting Family

We have a property that is 3 weeks into its AST. It has become apparent that there are 7 adults staying at the ...

tenant hasn’t paid rent

Hi We have a tenant on an assured short hold tenancy commenced on 4th July 2015. There have been occasions when ...

number of claim forms

am i correct in saying that the court requires a copy of the claim for each claimant (there are 3) ?

Wear and Tear

Are there any guidelines for wear and tear. My tenant left after 5 years + . Carpets, decor, lighting and ...

Statutory Periodic Tenancy

Does a standard AST on a 6 month Fixed Term automatically become a Statutory Periodic Tenancy on expiry of the ...

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