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Implied Terms in Tenancy Agreements

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Tenants Repairing Obligations

In a very important case, (Warren v. Keen 3 W.L.R. 702), Denning L.J. explained the definition of "tenant like ...

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Verbal (parol) Tenancies

Is it possible to have a verbal tenancy? This is never advisable but yes it is possible 53.- Instruments ...

Requirement of occupation

Cases on the Rent Act 1977 do not come up so often these days. Under that Act a person with protection starts out, ...


Written Statement of Terms – Verbal Tenancy

Written Statement of Terms – Verbal Tenancy

Product code: LT019 If there is no written tenancy agreement, a tenant under an assured shorthold tenancy may, ...

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6 Months rent Prepaid

I have a proposed tenant who is offering to pay 6 months rent in advance.  What are the (if any) concerns about the AST and does it need to be re-drafted. Lancehill  

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