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Joint and Several Tenancies

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Minimum room size

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Overcrowding & Room Sizes

Licensable HMOs (England) Where an HMO requires a licence, there are minimum room sizes in England from 1 October ...

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Renew Contract Agreements

A tenant has rented from us for the past 6 years, unfortunately his wife left him sometime ago, (more…)

Signatures on student tenancy agreement

Hi guildy, when signing a tenancy agreement with a tenant I have always taken 2 copies of it and we all sign each so I can give a signed one there and then to the tenant and I also have one. This

Deposit deduction for rent arrears with tenant swap

Hi there, Please could you help with a rent arrears situation that we have at present. We had a joint tenancy with 4 tenants which started in July 2015. Each tenant paid equal shares for the ...

Break Clause for one tenant on a joint tenancy

Hi, I have a group who wish to take a student 6-let of mine in Cardiff. However one of the tenants only wishes to live in the property until 31st Jan 2018 and the other 5 student tenants have ...

Joint tenants have split up, one moved out

Joint tenants in month three of a six month AST (using your tenancy agreement). Small child and dog. Deposit was paid by Tenant B's mother, who is noted as the relevant person (deposit is with ...

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