Rent Increase

The last time rent was put up for this tenancy to £500 was on 3rd March 2008. Those tenants moved out and new tenants took over the tenancy on 1st October 2010 paying £550. Can we send a section 13 to increase the rent as of 1st November 2011 to £650? On the section...


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Guild ASTs

Your tenancy agreements are headed as the 1988 Housing Act as amended by the 1996 Act. Why doesn’t it mention the 2004 Act?

A Word from our Insurers

Recent incidences of damage and looting following disturbances in England (August 2011) The recent disturbances across London and other cities in England have shocked us all over the past few days. Very significant damage has been caused to property, both the fabric...
Who has the Material Interest?

Who has the Material Interest?

IMPORTANT: This case has been overruled by CT v Horsham District Council (HB) [2013] UKUT 617 (AAC). However, if you are using our tenancy agreements (since June 2013) then, the tenant will be liable for council tax in certain cases even when they are not occupying...

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