Tenant Assessment Service

A landlord should always check a tenant or guarantors suitability before granting a tenancy.

We offer a tenant or guarantor assessment service and checks include a prospective tenant or guarantor assessment score, CCJ’s and bankruptcy.

  • Standard – £12.50 £9.00 inc. VAT

Tenant/Guarantor Assessment

The Tenancy Assessment provides a simple to understand report and are for applicants where employers and previous landlords references are not required. Standard Assessments are returned to you same day when completed before 5pm on a business day. You can still obtain a reference on a weekend or after 5pm and it will normally be dealt with same day, we just don’t guarantee same day that’s all.

  • 24-hour easy online access
  • One simple online form to fill in, we do the rest
  • Predictive tenancy assessment score indicates suitability
  • Uncovers adverse, undisclosed and withheld information

The tenant assessment check does all of the following:

  • Electoral roll check at the applicant’s current and previous addresses
  • A tenancy assessment score, predicting the applicant’s likelihood to pay
  • A Public Information check to ascertain whether the applicant has CCJs, bankruptcy orders or voluntary arrangements
  • A check to see if the applicant has any undisclosed addresses


Landlord / employer reference

You can easily check a current/previous landlord and/or a current/previous employer using our templates available for free download:

You must obtain a declaration from the prospective tenant that you are to use our service. Our application for accommodation contains an appropriate disclaimer or you can download a separate disclaimer page which should be added to your own application form. Our guarantor application form has been revamped and includes the appropriate disclaimer too.


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