Who has the Material Interest?

Who has the Material Interest?

IMPORTANT: This case has been overruled by CT v Horsham District Council (HB) [2013] UKUT 617 (AAC). However, if you are using our tenancy agreements (since June 2013) then, the tenant will be liable for council tax in certain cases even when they are not occupying...

Should my three flats be banded separately?

I have a house that I split into 3 self contained flats. It is registered as a HMO so therefore I pay the council tax for the whole house. The council have come onto me about the basement flat, they are saying it should be a separate entry to the house and have...

Council Tax – Adaptation of Property

Question I am aware that if I let a large house to individual tenants on individual tenancy agreements on a per room basis, I will have the council tax to pay. I have been told by a friend though that even if I let the same property to 5 people on one tenancy...

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