I Received and Error From the Builder

We’re really sorry you’ve received an error after trying to build a tenancy agreement using the Tenancy Builder.

If you get an error email after editing an old agreement, please try creating a new one. Some older agreements will not compile properly resulting in a failure to create the appropriate tenancy. Creating a new one fixes this (and editing newer agreements should work).

What Should You Do Now (after new agreement)?

1. Try Editing the Agreement

Firstly, after leaving it a couple of minutes after you received the email notifying of an error to allow the system to settle again, you could try editing the entry you just made and save it again. Please don’t do this too soon after getting the email though because the system may still be trying to build your agreement in the cloud.

As a helpful tip, you don’t need to go through every section to get to the update button. Instead, you can click on the last section at the top (other and save) and then save & update from there.

Other and save in Tenancy Builder

2. Try Creating a New One

If editing doesn’t work, it’s possible something has become corrupt with the tenancy record so it’s best to start again and create a new tenancy. If you uploaded an EPC or gas safety last time, maybe try leaving those out this time – you can always edit the agreement and add those attachments later.

3. Try the Quick Blank Tenancy

If neither editing nor creating a new one (without attachments) works, it could be the system is down and/or experiencing problems. Try downloading a quick blank agreement. That will at least see if the system is down altogether or whether it’s just something within the particular tenancy you’re trying to build for some reason.

4. Contact us

These errors are rare (less than half of one percent) and our engineers review all errors to improve the system going forward. It’s likely the system will come back online as we will be working hard to ensure this is the case. However, if you want to contact us, please do so and we will do everything we can to help.