When the tenancy has ended, the following should be considered:

The notice to quit from tenant

Ensure the notice to quit provided by the tenant is valid. As a quick guide, the notice may not expire during the fixed term and their notice must be at least 4 weeks in length (one calendar month where the rent is monthly) and expire either the day before the rent is due or on the day the rent is due. No other date is acceptable.

A landlord can accept an invalid notice though so you can accept a notice during the fixed term or one that doesn’t expire on the proper date (or is short).

Full details about the validity of a tenant’s notice to quit can be found here.


The most important aspect of ending the tenancy is having the keys returned. A tenancy continues whilst the tenant has an intention to return within a reasonable period. This means even if they are not physically sleeping at the property, they still have a tenancy whilst they have an intention to return. If the keys are handed back, there can be no intention to return because they don’t have any keys! That’s why they are so important. You could issue a receipt for the keys in writing if you like – just a simple one line letter addressed to the tenant saying “I confirm you have returned the keys back to me on xxxx” or similar will suffice. Make sure you keep a copy!

Inventory and deposit

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