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Mortgage on property owned by partnership

Hello - not sure if you can help with this one? My partner and I are registered as a partnership; we bought a property by us each lending the partnership the capital to buy the property with a ...

Selling a property

Hello, A few years ago (when renting a property and being faced with a notice to terminate the tenancy agreement yet again before the 3 year mark), I was told by the estate agency that it's ...

Landlord requirements when purchasing a tenanted house

Hello there. I am in the process of purchasing my first BTL property. The property is a 3 bedroom terraced house in Leeds currently tenanted by 3 students. They will be moving out on June 30th ...

Mortgage Arrangement Fees

Hello, I am looking to re-mortgage myBTL and understand that the early repayment fees on my current mortgage are not tax deductible but are the arrangement fees for the new mortgage still tax ...

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