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Changing the Rent

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How To Increase The Rent

There are three ways to increase the rent for an assured shorthold tenancy: clause in the tenancy agreement or agreement with the tenant or by notice under section 13 of the Housing Act 1988. At the bottom of this article is detailed information for completing a section 13 form.

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Rent Increase Form (England) – Section 13 Notice

Rent Increase Form (England) – Section 13 Notice

Product Code: F024 - ENGLAND ONLY **NEW** This form is now available in the Builder part of the website. Click ...
Garage Rent Increase Template

Garage Rent Increase Template

Product code: F112 A Word template as a suggested template for when increasing the rent on a garage. You ...
Rent Schedule Sheet (Rent Card)

Rent Schedule Sheet (Rent Card)

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Notice of Increase of Rent Under Regulated Tenancy

Notice of Increase of Rent Under Regulated Tenancy


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Please can you confirm if the letter below is acceptable to send to our tenants regarding a proposed rent increase.   Dear The rent on the above property has been held since xxxxx ...

Rent increase clause in Tenancy agreement

We have a landlord who insists on giving a new tenant a 3 year tenancy agreement despite our recommendation not to do so. However they are the client & we will follow their instruction but ...

Tenant paying rent in arrears sets a precedent?

The tenancy agreement stipulated that the tenants should pay in advance but since the beginning of the tenancy in 2010 we have let them pay in arrears as they were on benefits. Can we now ask ...

Regulated tenancies

Hello Just a quick question regarding regulated/protected tenancies.  I understand that the rent can be increased no more than every two years, and that the new rent asked for by the landlord ...

rent increase notice served can section 8 be used ?

a notice of rent increase was used using your template recently, if the tenant does not pay the increase and becomes 2 months in arrears (the difference being 500 a month) can section 8 be used still?

Rent increase %

On 20th July 2021 , my tenants will have been in place 2 years. I am contemplating a rent increase of £30 from £1075 to £1105 a 2.8% increase.  This will be the first rent increase since they ...

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