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Changing the Terms (Not Rent Only)

You are in During the Tenancy
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Notice Proposing Different Terms for a Statutory Periodic Tenancy – England

Notice Proposing Different Terms for a Statutory Periodic Tenancy – England

Product Code: F020 THIS FORM IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR ENGLAND! Under section 6 Housing Act 1988 a landlord or ...
Consent for Pets with Conditions Letter

Consent for Pets with Conditions Letter

Product Code: LT050 Most tenancy agreements prohibit pets unless written consent is first obtained from the ...

Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

term of contract

How can i add a term to the contract that is already written, i want to add that the tenant is responsible for cleaning the chimney every year (more…)

increasing rent

Tenant on month to month rental. I wish to increase the rent. I Have never increased rent before, Advice please and letter template if possible. Many thanks

joint tenancy

My tenants have got married - do I need to issue another tenancy in their married names and re-submit the deposit in their married names please

Permission to have a pet

Do you have a template for a letter giving a tenant permission to keep pet ? If not any tips on what should be included ? Thanks (more…)

s21, change in tenancy names

i have father , mother and daughter in the 2 bedroom flat. father and mother only on tenancy. now they are asking for a new tenancy for father, daughter and her new husband would i be able to use

How to go from joint tenancy to single

Hi, Just been informed my tenants marriage is over and he has moved out. She(and 2 young children) want to stay renting and they have no bother for the last year. How do I change the agreement ( ...

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