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Immigration Act and Right to Rent

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Right to Rent Documents

Hi Adrian, I have a few questions in relation to a new AST I am currently preparing. It will be for a fixed term of six months with the possibility to extend at the end of the term. (more…)

no objection letter re a visa

Hi I have currently 2 tenants of Indian nationality residing in one of our properties. She has phoned today asking for a letter of no objection so that her parents and her child can come from ...

Right to rent late check

Hi My letting agent didn't see original ID Passport prior to 'executing' the Tenancy agreement (putting date on pre-signed ASTs) by the start of the tenancy. So we ended up having deposit plus ...

right to rent checks on students

We house over 100 students in all types of properties from 27 bedrooms to 2 bed flats and all sizes in between (more…)

HMO rooms for students on a 3-month work placement

We have two Chinese students, studying at a British university, who want rooms in an HMO of ours for a 3-month work placement, with the rent apparently being paid by the university. (more…)

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