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Check out the new websites that we will be moving to soon - [England]( or [Wales](
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England Landlord Guidance

Joint and Several Tenancies

You are in Start of a Tenancy

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Overcrowding & Room Sizes

Licensable HMOs (England) Where an HMO requires a licence, there are minimum room sizes in England from 1 October ...

Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

Girlfriend wants to move in – misc Qs.

I have a tenant on an AST, fixed term for 6 months from November 2016, thereafter, periodic. His parents are guarantors. His US girlfriend will be staying with him as a visitor in a couple of ...

4 tenants in single dwelling better than one?

Ive just had an application from 4 people to rent my house. Should I put the AST 12mth tenancy in one name so I don't have to rely on 4 separate rents to come in each month? (more…)

joint tenancy

My tenants have got married - do I need to issue another tenancy in their married names and re-submit the deposit in their married names please

married name on tenancy

I know that the tenants moving into my property are getting married a month later. The female is given as the lead tenant, being the wage earner so does it matter that she will change her name ...

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