England Landlord Guidance

Joint and Several Tenancies

You are in Start of a Tenancy
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One of 2 tenants giving notice in periodic tenancy.

I believe if a tenancy is periodic, one of the joint tenants can end the tenancy with written notice even if the other doesn't. But does that actually mean the tenancy has ended? Because if so ...

Can my tenant move in her partner?

For the past three years I have had a lady tenant in my one bedroom property. The lady has been a reliable tenant and has caused no problems. Recently it has become apparent that she now has a ...

4 tenants in single dwelling better than one?

Ive just had an application from 4 people to rent my house. Should I put the AST 12mth tenancy in one name so I don't have to rely on 4 separate rents to come in each month? (more…)

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