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Joint and Several Tenancies

You are in Start of a Tenancy
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Overcrowding & Room Sizes

Licensable HMOs (England) Where an HMO requires a licence, there are minimum room sizes in England from 1 October ...

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One of 2 tenants giving notice in periodic tenancy.

I believe if a tenancy is periodic, one of the joint tenants can end the tenancy with written notice even if the other doesn't. But does that actually mean the tenancy has ended? Because if so ...

Girlfriend wants to move in – misc Qs.

I have a tenant on an AST, fixed term for 6 months from November 2016, thereafter, periodic. His parents are guarantors. His US girlfriend will be staying with him as a visitor in a couple of ...

Father and Son – joint tenancy?

I have a father and son (19 years old but an apprentice) who have applied for a property.  The son will live in the property as his main residence but is on a formal apprenticeship employment ...

How to go from joint tenancy to single

Hi, Just been informed my tenants marriage is over and he has moved out. She(and 2 young children) want to stay renting and they have no bother for the last year. How do I change the agreement ( ...

To be or not to be a tenant

Prospective T applied for tenancy and now wants brother to live with him permanently. T has very large income (verified), brother has insufficient income to sustain tenancy on his own. T ...

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