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Tenant Relations and Dealing With Complaints

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We are the landlords of a number of apartments within a renovated building that are accessed via a communal area. Unfortunately over the last few months there have been reports of a strong ...

Hard Water

Hi Adrian, I have a tenant who has issues with hard water in his apartment - it leaves mineral residues in the sink etc after each use, kettle needs frequent cleaning. (more…)

Guests upsetting other tenants.

Hi, I have a HMO with 5 students on separate tenancy contracts. Tenant 3 has been complaining to me that tenant 5's boyfriend has been living at the property. Tenant 3 says he is messy, noisy, ...

interpreter for tenant

Can a landlord be under a legal duty to provide an interpreter for an AST tenant from a foreign country who cannot speak or understand spoken or written English?

Eviction when deposit was not protected

Hi, I have a tenant on council housing benefit for 4. The lady is causing major disruption, I have had neighbours coming to my house and pleading with me to help them out as she is causing major ...

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