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Tenant Relations and Dealing With Complaints

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Locked in property

Front door to our let property has a Yale lock as well as a further lock and tenants are supplied with two front door keys. Our latest tenants, who have been at the property one month, called us ...

notice to stop car repairs on car park

can you please give advice for me to put in a letter to tenant to stop him repairing cars on the car park outside his front door as i don't know how best to approach him Thankyou. Rosemary Le-marchand


We currently have a new tenant that wishes to decorate the apartment in her own colour scheme, normally we do not allow this as it incurs a cost at the end of the tenancy to put the colour scheme

When does a visitor become a tenant?

Our tenant has asked if his parents can stay temporarily while they move from overseas back to the UK. Whilst wanting to accommodate the request, I am concerned the visit of a few weeks could ...

Tenant lodging a friend in living room

I have been told by another tenant that one of the other tenant has been lodging his friend in the living room for the past two weeks. This tenant will be leaving the flat in August. Any advise ...

Removing tenant’s items from communual area

Hello I have a tenant who had decide to use the top of the stairs as a dirty clothes store and a place to have his exercise bike. I told him this cannot continue and explained a cleaner is ...

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