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Tenant Relations and Dealing With Complaints

You are in During the Tenancy
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evicting tenant-how?

New to this so could use some help please. Tenant from hell moved in 10 days ago. First week 5 breaches of tenancy agreement, door broken open, fighting. swearing,complaints from neighbours, ...


One of my tenants is burning incense, I was made aware when another tenant complained about the smell of it in the communal Hallway. Is this covered by the No Smoking Clause in the tenancy? I ...

interpreter for tenant

Can a landlord be under a legal duty to provide an interpreter for an AST tenant from a foreign country who cannot speak or understand spoken or written English?

Section 21

I issued a section 21 to a tenant about one month ago. He has returned from a mental health hospital yesterday and all the other tenants in the flats are very concerned about their safety as this

Guests upsetting other tenants.

Hi, I have a HMO with 5 students on separate tenancy contracts. Tenant 3 has been complaining to me that tenant 5's boyfriend has been living at the property. Tenant 3 says he is messy, noisy, ...

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