Check out the new websites that we will be moving to soon - [England]( or [Wales](
Check out the new websites that we will be moving to soon - [England]( or [Wales](
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Application for Accommodation


England and Wales



Product Code: F009 – for updates see the version history tab


We now have an online application tool for prospective tenants to complete their application online.

To access the old PDF form, please click here.

PDF form information (legacy)

The application for accommodation is possibly the most essential document other than a tenancy agreement. It provides for the gathering of information from the prospective tenant after they have expressed an interest in your property. The information gathered from the form also has significant benefit because there are a number of questions which can avoid legal problems in the future (e.g. is the property to be the tenants only or principle home?)

The form will also seek all the information required to complete the tenancy agreement and deposit prescribed information in full (e.g. post tenancy address, phone number, email and fax number).

The document includes data protection confirmations which allows the landlord to use the data for various purposes. It also allows the data to be used after the tenancy has ended. However, this form is only really suitable for our tenant referencing service due to the nature of the disclaimer at the back.

The form also includes guidance about what ID is acceptable for the Immigration Act 2014.

There are 8 pages in total.

*A subscription is required to download forms. 

Subscribers can download forms, including this one. Click to see the pricing and benefits of subscribing.


### Current version F009 – 06/21

Moved to online application.

### Previous versions

05/18 Main change is to make the form GDPR compliant with a new privacy notice and agreement. Other small changes/Improvements made. This one is now suitable for our new tenancy assessment check too.

12/16 Small fixes for on-screen completing of the form. Made a few other small changes and tweaks in particular added better previous address history. Updated declaration for Rentshield who we are moving to for tenant referencing. Incorporates updated guarantor application form.

07/16 – Added latest version of guarantor agreement to the back of the form.

06/16 – Updated with new disclaimer for new rent guarantee product coming soon. Also added bank details section, unspent criminal convictions and edited CCJ part to add about IVA. The guarantor application has been added to the form with it’s own disclaimer instead of being a single page.

02/16 – Edited the acceptable document guidance for the right to rent scheme commencing 1 February 2016 in England.

02/16v2 – Amended the guarantor sections to better match our tenant referencing by adding a few extra details.

02/16v3 – Very small change to spacing and removed one telephone field.

01/16 – Changes made for our new tenant reference provider. Primarily, small change to the employer section and the disclaimer at the back.

10/15 – Made small grammatical changes to other persons occupying section.

09/15 – Added underneath e-mail question about accepting documents and notices by e-mail.

06/15 – Removed the question about Male or Female (we couldn’t see the purpose of the question). Corrected a couple of spelling mistakes and clarified land registry requirement for home owner question meant England or Wales.

05/15 – Added revised section for CCJ and bankruptcy. Added further clarity that information will be used for notifying water undertaker as required by The Water Industry (Undertakers Wholly or Mainly in Wales) (Information about Non-owner Occupiers) Regulations 2014. Also noted some borders around tick boxes didn’t look pretty which has now been fixed.

12/14 – Total overhaul including compatibility with Immigration Act 2014. However, much more was added in this update including when asking about other occupiers, relationships are questioned which will assist with establishing if the property might be a HMO. ID guidance has also been added on the back page. This is an extensive update increasing the number of pages from 4 to 7.

04/13 – A few minor alterations to wording and changes to agreement.