Excluded Licence Lodger Agreement


England and Wales



Product Code: F006

This agreement is part of the Tenancy Builder.

If you are letting a room in your own home where you actually live, use this agreement for letting to a lodger. A lodger is excluded from certain parts of the Protection of Eviction Act 1977 by section 3A and this agreement is a licence agreement rather than a tenancy.

This tenancy must not be used for any other purpose other than letting to a lodger in your own home where you live!


### Current version

For latest version, please follow the download link to Tenancy Builder

### Previous versions

05/18 – Added GDPR information and integrated with the Tenancy Builder.

09/14 – Made some minor changes to the wording in a few clauses including notice period, items left at end of tenancy and a few others. Modified management regulations (which allows a licensor to add conditions)

04/14 – Made changes to the wording of charges included in the licence fee and altered the schedule of charges accordingly.

09/13 – Reduced names accepted to 3. Added more form fields for full on-line completion. Couple of minor cosmetic improvements

07/12 Added