Permission to Speak with Universal Credit or Housing Benefit


England and Wales



Product Code: F103

A consent form which may accompany a tenancy agreement or be provided during a tenancy asking the tenant for permission to speak with Universal Credit or a Housing Benefit department about their claim. The form is GDPR compliant.

Under the new GDPR rules from 25 May 2018, a consent such as this should not be incorporated within any tenancy but instead should be a separate form (which can be attached to the tenancy agreement for safe keeping). The tenant must be able to withdraw their consent as easily as they gave it under the rules.

It can be signed at the same time as a tenancy or during a tenancy.

The form is compatible or works as a standalone PDF (with integrated electronic signing subject to appropriate reader being used).

At this time, it doesn’t work with the new Tenancy Builder integrated digital signing but we have added this to our list of jobs.


### Current version 05/18

05/18 – First published

### Previous versions