Written Statement of Terms – Verbal Tenancy


England and Wales



Product code: LT019

If there is no written tenancy agreement, a tenant under an assured shorthold tenancy may, by notice in writing, require the landlord to provide a written statement of any term of the tenancy which is not evidenced in writing [section 20A Housing Act 1988]. A failure to provide such a written statement within 28 days is a criminal offence [section 20A(4)]. The statement must contain certain prescribed information as listed in that section.

More details available on this page which provides details of action to be taken before serving notice where there is a verbal tenancy (including the service of this statement of terms even where no request has been made)

This template is a suitable form for the purpose of providing a written statement of the terms. It is in Rich Text Format (RTF) so will work on all word processors including Microsoft Word.