Section 21 Notice – Do You Wish to Claim Rent Arrears Too?

Do you wish to claim rent arrears at the same time as using the section 21 notice?

Note: By selecting “yes” below will mean a slower procedure and you will NOT be able to use the accelerated possession procedure because that procedure is for possession only. Therefore, if you want quicker possession where there will likely be no hearing then select “no”.

Options to consider:

  • If there are NO rent arrears, select “no” (obviously!)
  • If there are rent arrears AND you have a copy of the tenancy, selecting “yes” will be slower. Selecting “no” will take you ultimately to the accelerated possession procedure which will be quicker.
  • If you don’t have a copy of the written tenancy AND there are arrears, you may as well select “yes” because the procedure is exactly the same (because you can’t use accelerated possession when you don’t have a copy of the tenancy agreement)


Normally you would select “no” to this question.


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