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12 month tenancy

10 Mar 2021 | 1 comment

12 month tenancy with 12 months paid up front, when the fixed term is over does it naturally convert to a monthly periodic? If not what is The position?
Also can a notice / letter be served saying that it’s a monthly periodic ?


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  1. guildy

    All assured shorthold tenancies go periodic after the end of the fixed term if the tenant remains.

    If there’s no clause in the agreement about going periodic, it will go statutory periodic. If statutory periodic, the periods will be “the same as the last rent payable under the fixed term”. As such, depending on how the tenancy is worded, this one could go yearly periodic. If there is a clause about going periodic, that term will be used.

    A notice or letter won’t be sufficient to change it from statutory periodic so if is yearly, to change to monthly, would need agreement (easiest would be a new tenancy).

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